Client Reactions

Client reactions

A Commercial Bank

  • Excellent process to harvest ideas in a neutral environment.
  • Valuable. Facilitates individual interaction. Need to be able to compress ideas – group into like families.
  • Good, but where to from here?
  • Like the removal of ego and the ‘no-one’ has control approach. Eliminates ‘my view’ versus ‘yours’.
  • Enables everyone to participate in the thought processes. Removes all boundaries associated with the thinking process
  • Logical process to let go and allow the win to converge.
  • Helps you to use both sides of your brain
  • It is important to start with the right questions and to ensure that you have the right people in the room to start with.
  • Excellent in triggering creative thought, but I don’t feel we have made any decisions.
  • Process was good for a kick-off meeting however probably left it a little too late in the project.

Child Protection agencies

  • Great process that we should access more often. Gets an outcome in a short period of time.
  • Good to have a structure and external facilitator.
  • Like the process, but feel it was a bit limiting.
  • Keeps discussion focused and a great way to gain ideas and then clarify.
  • Excellent methodical, productive way of sharing ideas and a great process for getting lots of ideas in a short time.
  • Good to get lots of ideas – but still lots of work ahead but a great way to work and to get all these ideas down so quickly.
  • Ensures a structured process and not sidetracking.
  • Love the software.Would be helpful to have further session to look at service planning
  • Helpful facilitation – non threatening.
  • Balances viewpoints and inputs – goes a long way to equalizing people.
  • Efficient way to get all ideas down to be seen by all.
  • Useful way to highlight key issues and reach some agreement.

Public service agency – 1

  • Very interesting – excellent.
  • Interesting to explore a new way of thinking – love to find a different way to think.
  • Useful and timely for planning. Too much CPV-specifically.
  • Innovative and enlightening.
  • Useful, informative and insightful
  • Nice to spend this amount of time out of office on thinking some things through.
  • Interesting, more practical and less gimmicky than I expected.
  • Linked to our annual business plan.
  • Increased awareness of styles of thinking – needs to be revisited again later.
  • Good, I have had previous training on the Six Hats, so not new.
  • Good if we can implement this software.
  • Processing information was useful as a structured form of thinking – some of it was still a bit light on.
  • Informative and very useful for planning (unlike other facilitators we could mention!)

Public Service agency – 2

  • Quick and moved freely and kept focus.
  • Good balance of theory and practice with group work best. Good to have group working but individual input too
  • Process worked well, but too many breaks – makes for sleepy eyes
  • Good regular breaks.
  • OK especially for the better typists and spellers.
  • Good combination of activities. Good timing of introducing actual info re colors of the Six Thinking Hats
  • Process was fine – could have benefited from seeing how the thing comes together at the end
  • Not bad but found my eyes started to strain with the overhead text.
  • The process was engaging yet relaxed – the linked keyboards ensured the involvement of everyone all day.
  • Moved along well – actually good not to start with the video – better to hear it explained in person
  • Interesting and varied – plenty of interaction

Consulting Group

  • Challenged us to think in action terms.
  • Energising – created vitality in the group.
  • Using this tool has been way better than flip charts. Impressed with the technology without butcher’s paper
  • Great medium to elicit responses. Empowers people to speak at all levels.
  • Great to see everyone’s feedback instantly – allows us to piggyback on other’s ideas as you go.
  • Get much more information more quickly. This is a great tool – leaves butchers paper for dead
  • Fabulous way to capture ideas, thinking and a great way to hear so many ideas and suggestions in one hit and is time efficient too –
    helps us focus on the key issues rather than getting sidetracked on the big picture.
  • Great forum for getting lots of information down in an open and safe environment.
  • Great non-threatening way to engage. Fantastic way for everyone to be heard
  • Novel, fun, rewarding, putting forward possible solutions.
  • A great tool for provoking and focusing thought and recording ideas.
  • Energizing, motivating and a clear action plan – mainly because we all have a voice with this process with less listening time needed.
  • Great tool. Refreshing way to engage people and keep the energy going while having fun, but getting the work done. I’m going to use this tool for my business plan
  • Gets us to focus on actions we can achieve and forces us to do something about it.
  • Far more efficient brainstorming process than any other exposed to – maximizes the brainpower of group
  • Excellent forum for introducing new words e.g Nano KPI and Silotic – This a great tool – would love to utilize it more in a work setting.
  • We are largely in agreement on the problems, but our contribution to the solutions still a bit hazy. If only action was as easy!
  • The process allows thoughts and views to be captured – we need to translate these to action.
  • Allows multiple views to be expressed at once with a fun, creative process that encourages free thoughts.