Leadership can be a lonely place. Access ot a mentor in confidence with maturity and experience to use a sounding board away from pressure and expectations can free up a leader to make better decisions and to think more strategically,

Max Dumais is not your usual Aussie individual. With an Indonesian father who was married to an Australian mother, whose father was Argentinean married to Molly McInerney who was Irish, he takes his place within the mainstream cultural melting pot that is Australia.

Leaving school to follow in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi, he spent his formative years studying philosophy, cosmology, the history of ideas, Aristotelian and modern logic and a host of dead languages in a monastic and idyllic setting.

Coming back into the real world, he studied for his Bachelor of Arts and qualified as a Social Worker at the University of Melbourne, where he returned some time later for Post graduate studies in Public Policy.

Throughout his ‘non-career’ he has identified one underlying theme, namely the challenge of working with people who want to make a difference. As Mayor of his City, as a Ministerial Adviser and as Chairman of a number of non-profit organisations set up to tackle a range of social challenges, he has always sought to make a difference himself.

As Director of the Volunteer Resource Centre, which he set up and ran for three years, he was working with people who want to make a difference with their time. When he moved on as Director of Philanthropy Australia, he worked with people and organisations who wanted to make a difference with their money and, as the founding CEO of the De Bono Institute based around Dr. Edward de Bono’s thinking tools and frameworks, he was working with people who want to make a difference through their thinking.

If you are interested in making a difference, you will find that Max brings a wealth of experience, wisdom and insight to enhance your skills and enlighten your knowledge and understanding.