Accredited de Bono Training:

Six Thinking Hats® is a one day course in parallel thinking. It is a powerful way to get a new ‘language’ and a new ‘game’ into the culture of your organisation. It helps people communicate without constantly having to adopt and defend positions. It is about ‘design’ thinking aimed at identifying and correcting the perceptions that form the people’s reality – whether it is based in reality or not! 90% of the mistakes in our thinking are mistakes in our perceptions, not our processing. Six Thinking Hats® is a powerful, yet simple process for unlocking the thinking capacity of your people by sorting out perceptions.

Lateral Thinking.  Simple ‘Brainstorming’ has been the only tool to unlock the creativity in people for too long. Lateral thinking are structured processed to help break the patterns of our thinking in ways that open up new vistas, new ways of seeing the world and new ideas on how to get things done. Over four half days of training exercises, we work together with Dr. Edward de Bono’s frameworks and methodologies to develop a new approach to creative thinking and its application.

Directed Attention Thinking Skills. Developed from Dr de Bono’s curriculum for thinking, this series of thinking templates provide a short cut to enhancing our ability to think through issues in a systematic way and provides some simple ‘coat hangers’ with which to approach the daily opportunities we have to think through issues in new ways.

Accredited Zing Training:

Zing facilitation. Zing electronic meeting systems revolutionize work in groups. It removes the dominance of the ‘loudest voice’, the need to type up the ‘butchers’s paper’ and the filtering and mis-perception of ideas and concepts by the facilitator. Learning to marry thinking frameworks to this incredible capture tool provides a powerful way to engage everyone in thinking through where you need to go and how to get there.