Zing classrooms promote teaching and learning in teams. Our systems are used both in Australia and the United Kingdom. There are three systems to choose from.

Zing Portable: Set up a conference, seminar or classroom in 5 minutes using the Zing portable system and a notebook computer and data projector.

Zing Fixed: Establish a Zing classroom as a shared resource for 4-5 teachers. Each team of 4-5 students shares two keyboards and a monitor. All are connected to just one computer with access to the Internet.

Zing Internet: Network 4-5 computers in each classroom so the students can use the Zing Internet to work and learn collaboratively in small teams.

Zing classroom

Use for:

  • teams of 5-12 where everyone has a keyboard
  • classrooms of 24-30 sharing keyboards
  • conferences of 100.

Simple to use:
Students can facilitate complex sessions after one hour of self-instruction in small groups. The Talk-Type-Read-Summarize etiquette organizes and keeps the meetings focused and fun, ensuring students stay on task for sessions of one to two hours duration.

User Interface

Lesson Creator

You or your students can create interactive computer-based classroom activities in a few minutes. You can link the open ended questions to websites, images, slide shows, videos and other documents for the students to discover, explore, discuss and evaluate. Each question generates 10-15 minutes of classroom activity, allowing the teacher more time to work with individual students.

Thinking methods

Learners develop skills in new thinking methods as they use the system. At the same time they learn to facilitate meetings and work as teams.

The software includes thinking methods and scaffolds for problem solving, planning, creative writing, feedback, hypothesis formation, play-writing, criticism, logical reasoning, ethics and team and self evaluation.  Imagine a group sitting down to write a script for a Sit-Com: 30 minutes spent framing the scene together, then each person adopting a character and contributing dialogue as if in conversation.