Zingthing 3.0 for the Internet and Intranets

Zingthing software is a specialised collaborative meeting system to support organisation-wide knowledge creation, fast implementation of new expert decision or learning processes, cultural change and accelerated innovation.


Work teams: The system can be used for small group on-line meetings for any kind of strategy, continuous improvement, process redesign, planning, problem solving, learning, product or services innovation or team development activity.

Team-to-team conferencing: The software supports multiple site connections to allow consultants or managers to set-up and facilitate workshops, seminars or retreats with a large number of participants at several locations as if they were all co-located.

Rapid implementation of new processes: Once a person has been trained as a facilitator of the Zing software they have immediate access to new or evolving learning or decision processes. Corporate internal consultants are able to skill up an entire organisation in a few days simply by designing a process and making it available on-line for others to use in their work.


Zing help groups become top performing teams, make sense out of complex or rapidly changing situations and win agreement for immediate collective action. Anyone can facilitate Zing sessions. They are:

Fast. Five times faster than conventional meetings. A day long conference can be completed in 1-2 hours

Creative. People generate hundreds of useful ideas, then combine the ideas to create fantastic ideas.

Enjoyable. Everyone gets really involved and has a good experience, unlike most meetings where people bully, ignore, manipulate or dominate others.

Powerful. People quickly change from being disorganised groups into top-performing teams.

Value creating. New reliable knowledge is created that is vital for the organisation and its people.

Rewarding. People reach radical but similar conclusions despite their differences. It is win-win all the way.

Inspiring. People become committed more readily to take action…often bold, new ideas better aligned with global trends.

Self-facilitated tutorials: For universities and schools, the tutor or teacher creates a series of workshops with say 6-7 questions per session in their template editor complete with images, website links or documents. All course participants are required to facilitate one session, or participate in all workshops in groups of 5-6 people, where they are pre- assigned to the groups based on their preferred meeting times. Some might join via a college lab, others might prefer to meet from home. Each receives a copy of the software with their course notes, download it from the college or Zing website, or borrow it from the library.

Support for video and audio conferencing: Regular users of conferencing systems will benefit from the structure that Zing brings to a session. The talk-type-read-review etiquette combined with standard question sequences for each different kind of meeting ensures every session is productive and reaches a useful conclusion.

The software features:

  • A structured decision and learning environment
  • Up to 96 simultaneous participants with standard set-ups for 4, 8, 12 and 16 participants
  • Simultaneous view of all participant’s ideas keystroke-by- keystroke
  • On-line meetings are organised by sole facilitator control, timer and etiquette
  • Set-up meetings in advance or add new topics and agenda during a session
  • Automatic meeting upload and download for participants of images and documents
  • Offline working with local MUX keyboard clients
  • Optimised GUI for team and individual view
  • One click online logon or disconnect procedure
  • Reconnection to meetings at any time; immediate download of entire session transcript and attachments
  • Includes a standard suite of business meetings and school learning activities
  • Can attach URLs, pictures and files to ideas during a meeting for immediate review by others
  • Save sessions locally for offline review
  • Integrated Printing Engine exports and prints in HTML
  • Multiple layers and views of links between topics, agenda and postings
  • Navigation system showing visual links between postings
  • Secret and public mode working
  • Automatically adds playspaces for additional participants
  • Asynchronous Server to serve ideas/attachments everyone who joins when they join
  • Sessions Template Editor – attach images, documents, web addresses for reusable meeting methods
  • Thumbnails of attached images clickable by participants to enable full view
  • Attachments and web links clickable by participants
  • Off-line participant comments deal with team issues
  • Off-line facilitator commands issue instructions that coordinate the meeting
  • The server and the client software include the Java runtime. They install as an application ready for use
  • Multiple instances of the software can be installed on a single server. Groups of users can be assigned individual ports.

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to run the software are:

System Minimum
Processor Pentium II 300MHz or Apple G3 Processor
Memory 96MB RAM, 128MB recommended
Internet 56Kbps Modem or LAN for online meetings

Basic architecture

The software is designed to deliver a user-friendly online and offline team meeting and learning system, reliably across multiple platforms.  Clients do not have to wait for other clients to download meetings in order. All clients can be downloading data from the server simultaneously and independently of other clients’ progress.

Operating systems

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/X/Windows 7
Red Hat Linux